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Irish Dance

Learn More About Irish Dance

Many people are Irish or have Irish heritage in their families. The Irish are proud of many cultural elements, including their trademark Irish step dancing. Beginning around the 1750s in Ireland, Irish step dancing is a cultural element to Ireland that has a style of dance that is truly unique. Irish step dancing is usually characterized by keeping a still upper body, and quickly moving the feet. The dance includes many high jumps and kicks, all the while keeping the arms, shoulders, upper torso, and head completely still. The majority of the dancing occurs on the ball of the foot, and usually the feet are turned outward. During competitions, dancers are judged based on their overall style, timing, and execution of various steps and leaps performed throughout the routine. Irish step dancing is captivating to watch, and fun to do. Even if you are a beginner, there are plenty of steps and dance maneuvers that are easy to learn and perform.
To accompany the traditional Irish dance, the men and women who perform this dance have a very customized look. Men and women Irish dance performers typically wear distinct outfits and have a very particular look. Women usually have handcrafted dresses that are reminiscent of dresses worn in Ireland in the 18th century. Their hair is typically adorned with curls that can be held up high on the head, or left to tumble down around the shoulders. During the Irish dance, men typically wear dress slacks, a button down shirt and a tie. Traditional shoes worn in Irish dance can be either a hard shoe or a soft shoe. The type of shoe will vary depending on the type of show or competition being performed. Irish dance is a great way to culturally connect to the Celtic nation and bring an element of history to today's world. The team at Morse Academy Of Irish Dance is happy to help propagate this unique dance style and make it available for everyone, regardless of age or ethnicity.

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