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Irish Dance Studio

Brand New Irish Dance Studio

The team at Morse Academy Of Irish Dance is happy to offer our brand-new Irish dance studio. We have spent the past year working to improve our studio so that all of our students are able to perform and enjoy our customized studio space. We have recently installed a professional stage for our students to use and practice on. The stage is made of professional materials. This gives our students the look and feel of practicing in a professional environment. The studio is large enough to accommodate large classes of students, and has plenty of room for our students to jump and kick throughout the space.
For professional Irish dance classes near me, people regularly turn to the Morse Academy Of Irish Dance. We offer classes that are perfect for any age or ability level. We understand that Irish dance is not something that people are usually exposed to at a young age, so it takes time and patience for beginners to learn. We are happy to work with students through a range of steps, motions, and kicks that will help them prepare for the exciting and fast paced Irish dance steps to come. If you are searching for "Irish dance classes near me" look no further than Morse Academy Of Irish Dance, based out of Plattsburgh, NY.

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