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Irish Dance Classes

Start Learning Today with Irish Dance Classes

If you are interested in the unique style and fast pace of Irish dancing, there is no better time to take a lesson. At Morse Academy of Irish Dance, we offer Irish dance classes for people of all ages. We believe in sharing this amazing and unique style of dance with everyone in the world, and we are happy to offer comprehensive Irish dance classes. To enroll in the class, you simply need to be willing to learn. We will go through the various steps and dances at a slow pace, suitable for all ages and ability levels. We want people to become enthralled with the Irish culture, and we believe the best place to start is with our trademark Irish step dancing classes. If you are interested in learning more about our Irish dance classes, reach out to Morse Academy Of Irish Dance. Aside from regular dance lessons, we are always offering fun performances and events around the local area.
If you are new to Irish dance, or new to dance period, our team can help. We offer Irish dance classes for beginners. Our classes are available to teach the very basic and beginner moves that aspiring Irish dancers need to know. Irish dance classes for beginners do not require any experience. Simply show up ready to learn, and we will do the rest. Aside from our regular class offerings, we also offer an intensive dance camp. This camp is geared toward honing in on special skills required to perform the Irish dance. This is a great way for beginners to get up to speed and learn from the very best dancers. The camp offers an intensive training course that will immerse dancers into the amazing Irish dance culture. We understand that everyone had to begin somewhere, so we are happy to work with beginners, as well as trained dancers in our annual Irish dance camp.

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